The project „PrimA – Praxis international, mehr Arbeitsmarktchancen“ is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Federal State of Brandenburg via the Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research and Cultural Affairs.

Internship Cooperation: University & companies / institutions

Diversify your workforce with interns from Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences

We are pleased about your interest in cooperating with Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences offers you the unique opportunity to diversify your workforce through our new project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). We propose your targeted advertising of your internship vacancies to our students. We then match our students to your requirements – whether short or long term, general or specialised – we can help you to find the right people to have a positive impact on your workforce.

Why collaborate with us?

Our students are highly skilled, self-motivated, and can therefore make a real difference to your work-place.
You can contribute to the employability of young people through a cooperation with us. Furthermore, you can have a positive impact on the University’s mission of providing our students with hands-on intercultural and practical experiences abroad and real-life language practice.

Our service for you

We offer to

  • post your internship vacancies for free at our internal internship database,
  • advertise your internship offers among the students (via mail and at information events),
  • (if desired) pre-select candidates in order to ensure that only students with the best profile are eligible for the internship,
  • provide intercultural and language training to the students,
  • (if desired) to cooperate further with you (e. g. virtual career events with you and students about your internship offers, establishing contacts to our professors for collaborative projects or guest lectures etc.).

How can you recruit interns?

We would be delighted if you are interested in taking on students from Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences as interns. If you would like to consider one or two of our talented students for an internship position in the future, please use your companies’ internship ad or fill in our 'internship position' template form and mail it to christina.strom(at)
Once, we have received your internship vacancy, we will contact you by mail or phone to shortly discuss the details or possibly open questions.
We will then publish your offer in our database and start to advertise it among the students. Please note that our database is not public and exclusively available to students from Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences.

Quality standards

In this document employer can find necessary aspects and information compiled by the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences for a successfull, goal-driven and advantageous internship abroad for both parties, the prospective intern and the institution of internship.
An internship is beneficial for the intern as well as the institution of internship. A main purpose for the student in doing an internship abroad is to gain and to increase his/her level of employability by apting theoretical learned knowledge. This leads to an improvement of oneself, professionally but also personally.
The institution of internship agrees to a fixed-term employment contract with a highly sklilled student with a huge level of man-power, which can be a win-win situation for both parties.

More about Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences

Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences is based between the two major German cities Berlin and Magdeburg. The university consists of three departments: engineering, business and management, com-puter science and media. We offer hands-on experience in well-equipped labs, as well as a high quality of teaching in our officially accredited programmes. Students can complete their academic profile, which consists of scientific projects and practical experience, with time spent abroad during their studies.
You can find more about the university, the students, study programmes and research profile at the English brochure and the English website.

Get in touch with us

For further assistance or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you very much for your valuable time.

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