Information for Refugees

Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences is offering refugees, who had already begun or were about to begin higher education studies in their countries of origin, the opportunity to start their studies.
We offer:

  • Orientation talks for refugees
  • Assessment of refugee's higher education qualifications
  • Free time activities and cultural evenings
Guest Student

You can take part in lectures and seminars as a guest student at Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. This is a good idea, if you still do not have enough knowledge of German to begin your studies. As a guest student, you can use all services for students at the library. You can find the application here.


  1. Knowledge of German (B2)
  2. Higher education entrane qualification should be submitted
  3. Refugee status
Tandem – Language Exchange

Tandem is a mutual language exchange between two people. You can practice your language skills face-o-face with a German student and teach him or her your language. See all information here.

Coordinator for Refugee Affairs

Ms Nadin Meyer
Tel: + 49 (0)3381 - 355 125
Fax: + 49 (0)3381 - 355 199
Laborgebäude 2

Office hours Tue and Wed 13:30 - 16:00 h.


Mr Mohamad Kadib Alban

Tel: + 49 (0)3381 - 355 125
Fax: + 49 (0)3381 - 355 199

Office hours Fri 10:00 bis 12:00 h and Sat 09:00 bis 13:00 h,     and by appointment

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