Prior to Arrival (Degree Students)

Entry and visa requirements

In most cases, a student visa is required in order to enrol at Brandenburg University. Applicants from the EU and other countries that Germany has a special agreement with do not need a visa. Please be aware that it can take several months to process an application for a student visa.
You can find current information on visa applications at:

Important: the issued visa must correspond to the purpose of your stay:

  • A tourist visa does not suffice!
  • It is not possible to change the type of visa after entering the country
  • Visas are issued by German foreign representations for a maximum of one year
  • Upon request, your study visa will be extended at the end of this period by the Ausländerbehörde (Foreigners' Registration Office) of the city of Brandenburg
  • Please note the validity period of the visa! 

We make every effort to provide foreign students with accommodation in our student hall of residence located on the university campus. The rent for a room in the hall of residence starts from € 260 per month. Some single occupancy apartments are available for € 320 per month. A refundable deposit equal to one month’s rent is required at the time the contract is signed. Provided the tenant has complied with the terms and conditions of the contract, the deposit is returned at the end of the rental contract.

Please note that you cannot live in the student hall of residence if you have already studied for more than 10 semesters or if you are more than 30 years old.
You can find information on living in the student's hall of residence here.
You can apply in advance online here.
Rooms in the hall are single rooms. Four rooms form one unit, and all rooms are furnished. Each unit contains a communal kitchen and sanitary facilities (shower, toilets, wash-basin). The kitchen is equipped with an electric cooker, a refrigerator with separate lockers (with keys), a kitchen table, chairs and a sink.
We advise you to bring bed linens and blankets with you. You must bring your own cutlery as well as plates and dishes. Rooms do not have curtains, so you may want to bring those with you, too. The rooms are not equipped with TVs and radios.
The hall is equipped with washing machines and dryers, which are operated using your student card. There plenty of parking spaces for motorcycles and cars.
There are several common rooms in the halls. Gyms and games rooms are also available for students to use.

Private accommodation

For students who prefer to or have to live off-campus, we recommend coming to Brandenburg well in advance before the beginning of the term in order to have time to look for private accommodation. The "Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss" student union committee (AStA) provides a service ("Referat für Soziales") which offers assistance with finding accommodation.Email: astasoziales(at)

An apartment building called “Caasmann 7” is located not far from the THB (about a 15-minute walk). In addition to short-term accommodations, Caasmnn 7 also rents out one- and two-room apartments to students at special rates. All apartments have a single and double room, equipped with a kitchen, WC and shower.  For further information, as well as online inquiries and room reservations, visit:

Rooms in a shared flat in the city can be found at

We can also assist by providing a list on current accommodation offers. Just contact us at wolffh(at)!

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