Application process

Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences does not charge any tuition fees.
Please note that admission for all Bachelor and some Master programmes is only possible at the beginning of every academic year, starting in September.
Current study offer

Application deadlines:
  • programmes with restricted admission: 15th July
  • programmes without restricted admission: 15th September for the winter semester, 15th February for the summer semester (TIM, Energy Efficiency, Mechanical Engineering, Online programme Media Informatics)
  • participation in the German preparation course: 31st January, 15th August
  • entrance in a higher semester: 15th January, 15th July (directly at Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences)

We strongly advise you to apply in good time (at least 4 weeks before the final deadline), in case there are any queries or missing documents have to be handed in.


All applications from non-Germans have to be pre-checked by the "Application Services for International Students (uni-assist)" to ensure they are complete and fulfill all necessary formal requirements. Please note that there is a fee for this service.
Uni-Assist enables applicants to apply for admission to several universities of their choice with one set of documents only.
You should submit the following documents to*:
Technische Hochschule Brandenburg
c/o uni-assist e.V.
D-11507 Berlin

  • a copy of your school leaving certificate in the original language
  • a translation of your school-leaving certificate into German or English
  • if available, documentation of having passed an entrance examination for a university in your own country and a translation of this into German or English
  • if available, documentation of completed study periods and a translation of this into German or English
  • documentation of your German skills (see language requirements below)
  • applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam have to submit an APS-certificate. See: or ask at the German embassy.
  • applicants for the following programmes: Business Administration (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) and Technology and Innovation Management (M.Sc.) as well as Security Management (M.Sc.) should include documentation of their English skills (B1 for the Bachelor, for the Master's CEF level B2 or higher)

We recommend that you have these documents translated in good time by a sworn translator and then have them authenticated by a notary public, a public authority or embassy.
If your secondary-school leaving certificate is not considered as equivalent to the German “Abitur” or “Reifezeugnis” and you have not been enrolled at an institute of higher education before applying to Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, you will not be directly admitted to degree programme. In this case you have the option of taking an entrance examination, called “Feststellungsprüfung”, at a “Studienkolleg”. Passing this would enable you to study at Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. The certificate of the “Feststellungsprüfung” is a necessary part of your application.
You can also apply for our one-year study preparation offer "Studienvorbereitung Brandenburg" in cooperation with Potsdam University. You will need to apply until 15th July at uni-assist. A B2 level in German is needed. You can also get accepted after an internal exam if you have reached a TestAS-result of 100 or above. Please ask us for further information.

Language requirements (only for degree-seeking students)

Nobody is perfect in a foreign language. Nonetheless in order to study at our University you have to pass one of the following examinations in German as a Foreign Language:

  • the DSH-examination level 2
  • the first or second level diploma at the Goethe Institute,
  • the higher level examination of the Goethe Institute (ZOP),
  • the Goethe-Zertifikat C1 of the Goethe Institute,
  • the German Language Diploma (level 2) of the cultural ministers' conference (Deutsches Sprachdiplom Stufe 2)
  • TestDaF - 16 points or higher
  • TELC C1

We are happy to give you further information and advise on these matters.
Brandenburg University offers an intensive preparatory German course. We offer the German course "Deutschplus".
Please apply until 31st January for the summer semester or 15th August for the winter semester at Uni-Assist. You must fulfill the admission requirements and hand in a German language certificate at B2-level.


There are exceptions to these requirements if you want to study at our university for only one or two semesters or if you are a student of one of our partner universities.
To make your stay in Germany easier, we recommend that you take part in a German language course in your home country before coming to Germany. If you come to Germany and have already passed one of the required examinations, you will have overcome an important hurdle and saved yourself a lot of trouble. Please contact us if you would like further information on such courses.

Academic calendar
Winter semester 2018/2019 Saturday

1 Sep 18

to Thursday

28 Feb 19
Lecture periodMonday

1 Oct 18

to Saturday

26 Jan 19
Immatriculation ceremonyMonday

24 Sep 18


Lecture-free daysWednesday3 Oct 18Wednesday31 Oct 18
Monday24 Dec 18to Saturday05 Jan 19
Registration for summer semester byFridayto be decided


End of examination periodSaturday16 Feb 19


Lecture-free periodMonday18 Feb 19to Saturday 16 Mar 19
Summer semester 2019Friday1 Mar 19to Saturday31 Aug 19
Lecture periodMonday18 Mar 19

to Saturday

29 Jun 19
Open dayFridayto be decided
Lecture-free days





18 Ap 19

1 May 19

30 May 19

10 Jun 2019

to Tuesday


to Friday


23 Apr 19


31 May 19


Registration for winter semester byFriday

to be decided

End of examination periodSaturday

20 Jul 19

Lecture-free periodMonday

22 Jul 19

to Saturday



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