How to prepare for your exchange semester

Courses and learning agreement

Please check the web pages of your chosen university department.
Department of Business and Management
Department of Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Media

You will find descriptions of all the courses taught in German here.

A list of all English-taught modules can be found

  • here for the winter semester (Sep-Feb) and
  • here for the summer semester (Mar-Aug).

Your (online) learning agreement will be provided by your institution in your home country. Complete it, including the courses you have selected, sign it and send it to Brandenburg University via email. Please make sure you enter the correct contact data of your home university.

Contacts for the (Online) Learning Agreement

Contact Person:

Responsible Person: responsible departmental coordinator, see below.

The International Office of Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences will assist you in obtaining the necessary signatures from the departmental coordinator responsible for signing the learning agreement:

Changes to the Learning Agreement should generally be made within one month after arrival.

PIC Code: 997963646


Rooms are arranged through the Studentenwerk Potsdam. If you would like to live in our student hall of residence directly on campus, please fill in the online application.

  • Exchange semester from September to February: application due by 15th July
  • Exchange semester from March to July: application due by 15th December

All of the rooms in our student hall of residence are furnished. All rooms are single occupancy, but the kitchen and bathroom are shared with one to four other students. You should bring your own bed linens (sheets). Duvets and pillows can be purchased for 85 EUR. Single occupancy apartments are also available.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be assigned to a room in the hall of residence, as rooms are subject to availability and your timely application. Please note that you must pay a reservation fee/deposit of € 300 for a room as soon as you receive a room offer. If you do not pay this fee by the specified date, the room will be offered to other applicants. If you withdraw from your exchange programme, the reservation fee cannot be refunded. If you take the offered room, the fee will be converted into a deposit and refunded at the end of your stay, provided your room is left in an orderly and clean condition.  


  • Shared apartment: 280-290 EUR/month
  • Single occupancy apartment: 340 EUR/month

The contract will be valid for one or two entire semesters and it cannot be terminated earlier. An extension is possible.

Key semester dates

An overview of the key semester dates can be found here. Please note the exam periods and plan ahead for those times!
An “Introductory Week” for all ERASMUS and exchange students takes place one week before the semester begins. During this time, you will be informed about organizational matters and will have a chance to familiarize yourself with the school and the city.


Please note that you need to have statutory health insurance in Germany in order to study at Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. Please submit the following documents to Heike Wolff (heike.wolff(at) before the start of the semester:

Students from EU/European Economic Area countries or Turkey only need to submit a copy of the EHIC or AT11.

Non-EU/EWR students need to purchase recognized statutory health insurance in Germany (currently about € 120 per month). Only with sufficient proof of your statutory health insurance can you be officially enrolled as a student. You can already register for a German statutory health insurance before you travel to Germany. If you need further support in this process, the international office will be very happy to help.

In addition to health insurance, we recommend taking out third-party liability insurance and accident insurance.


All non-EU exchange students must apply for a visa at the German Embassy or consulate in their area.  We will send you the admission letter required for the visa. You can always contact us for further information. You will need to show proof of a grant or sufficient financial means for the stay (see below).

Documents for the Foreigners' Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde)

All non-EU exchange students with a visa period shorter than their planned duration of stay must bring the following documents for their stay in Germany:

  • 2 biometric passport photos
  • 2 copies of your passport / ID card
  • Health insurance documents covering the entire exchange period
  • Proof of financial means: proof that you can finance your stay in Germany. This documentation must be presented to the foreigners' registration office and prove that you have a minimum monthly sum of 934 euros at your disposal, for instance in the form of:
  • A letter from your parents that verifies they will financially support you
  • A documentation of your ERASMUS scholarship (if applicable) OR
  • A bank statement showing that you have at least 5,604 EUR (for 6 months) available in your bank account.
Notification of arrival dates

Please assist us by providing your arrival details so that our student mentors can pick you up from the airport or train station and accompany you to Brandenburg. Please make sure that you arrive in time for our Welcome Week in Brandenburg.

Student ID (Campuscard) and nationwide semester ticket

At Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, you will need to pay a semester fee. You will receive a student ID as well as a season pass for use on public transportation (“Deutschlandticket”). The semester ticket can be used on all local public transportation (bus, train, tram) in the whole of Germany at no additional cost for the entire semester.

Checklist for your arrival

Please bring the following with you to Brandenburg:

  • 2 biometric passport photos
  • 2 copies of your health insurance policy valid in Germany
  • Proof of financial means (for students from non-EU countries)
  • Bed linens (sheets and duvet)
  • Cash for the first few days (around 800 EUR)
  • Network cable
Students with disabilities und special needs

Students in need of special assistance are kindly requested to please contact the International Office well before your arrival so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Counselling and help with finding your way

Our buddies are pleased to help you with any question about living and studying in Brandenburg. They organise social events and support you in arranging all necessary formalities. Please do not hesitate to contact them!

We look forward to meeting you!

Buddies during the summer semester 2024

Hello! We are your buddies and are happy to help you!

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